Shannon is an Irish illustrator, interested in fairy tales, knitwear, mythology, plants, feminism and of course excellent storytelling found in books and animation. Her work is almost always created with a pen, some watercolours, maybe gouache, pencils or even pastel and some digital painting too. She tries to create images that examine the role of fiction and its ability to shape our perception of reality (or at least that’s what she says in professional artist statements). She also doodles Harry Potter fan art and that kind of thing…

As a kid she wandered around fighting dragons and made huge efforts to discover how to be a mermaid. So far it hasn’t worked out so she draws instead and that really is the next best thing.

She graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design in 2018 with a BA(Hons) in Animation and Motion Design and is currently working on her first picture book.


2018 - ‘LIT Permanent Selection Award’ Limerick

2018 - LSAD "‘Drawing Awards’ Exhibition, Runner up prize.

2017 - ‘ABLE’ Artist Book Award, Limerick

2016 - ‘Florence Vere O’Brien’ Hunt Museum Limerick Permanent Collection Selection

Selected Exhibitions

“Drawings” - The Art Lounge - Birr Co. Offaly

“Tale as Old as Time” - The Maltings - Birr Co. Offaly


“K-Fest Arts Festival” - Killorglin Co. Kerry - 2019

“Common Ground” Exhibition - Birr Theatre and Arts Center - 2019

“FLUX- Graduate Show” - LSAD - 2018

“LSAD Drawing Awards” - LSAD Church Gallery - 2018

"Curiosities" - Limerick Market Gallery - 2017

“Supernatural Cities” - LSAD - 2017

"ABLE artist book exhibition" - LSAD - 2017

"LSAD Drawing Awards" - LSAD - 2017

"Common Ground" - Birr Theatre and Art's Centre - 2016

"Hybrid Liminal Identity Exhibition" - LSAD - 2016

"OFFline" - The Art Lounge - Birr, Co. Offaly - 2016

Second Year End of Year Show" - LSAD -2015

"TAE Show" - New York - 2016

"ABLE artist book exhibition" - LSAD - 2016

"LSAD Drawing Awards" - Church Gallery LSAD - 2016

"Florence Vere O'Brien Lace Drawing Awards" - LSAD Church Gallery

"Beds not Benches" - The Hunt Museum Limerick - 2015

"Paint it Pink" - LSAD - 2015

"Up and coming" - Masonic Hall Birr Co. Offaly - 2015